Friday 9 January 2015

Shop for world peace

I'd like to deal positively and constructively with the terrible news reaching us from France.

It can not be changed: out there violent idiots are running around. But do we have to take the misery that prevails in the world: violence, war, poverty and hunger? Can we do nothing more than express our concern?

But we can do something! Gandhi is quite right with the words: "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Now you might think what does it have to do with me if there are people somewhere in the world fighting? But we influence a lot, namely with our money, with every euro/dollar we spend. Money rules the world!

The corporations seem so powerful. They even influence our governments, but they will do whatever we want because they depend on us to buy their products. We consumers rule the world! But what does the violence in the world have to do with corporations?

I'll try to break it down: People can be recruited for violent actions and terrorism because they feel betrayed, ostracized. We give our money to the corporations that destroy the home of many people around the world. Wars are fought for profit and resources.

Let's take our food as an example. Water: NestlĂ© pumps water practically free in rural communities and then sells it for huge profits, regardless of the  population in those communities. You should watch the following documentaries: "Tapped" and "Bottled Life".

We support that, if we buy bottled water and other products from Nestle.

But it goes further: We are destroying the rainforest to continue to eat meat and drink milk. We destroy the livelihoods of African poultry farmers as we tighten them our cheap, subsidized meat residues. Children starve, because we can not give up eating meat.

One can well imagine that people in the affected regions develop a hatred for the corporations and Western consumers. Many have to leave their homes, because they have nothing left to survice (due to our consumption choices!)... They become refugees, we do not want to let into our country (see Pegida and Co.)

So what can we do about it? With every meal we take to us, we can do something for the world (and thereby live better and healthier)!

  • Prefer organic and Fair Trade products.
  • Therefore save on processed products that cost a lot for little to no nutritional value. 
  • Try to give up meat and dairy products as best as you can. 
  • Do not buy bottled water. Buy unprocessed produce, if possible locally! 
  • Cook yourself. Relinquish ready meals or junk food! 

This is about food as an example. Of course it is also true for all other kinds of products we acquire constantly and quickly throw away carelessly. Be conscious about your purchase decisions! Get informed!

We are consumers and therefore we are the most powerful people on the planet! Everything that happens, happens to pull money out of our pocktes. Billions of dollars are spent only for promotional purposes, in order to influence us. The corporations would do anything just so we give them our money. We have the power to positively influence them, and thus actually do something for the peace and the people who live in the trouble spots of the world. Will you join us? Shop for peace!

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