Monday 5 January 2015

Five ideas for couch potatoes to still keep moving

Photo credit: Adrian Fallace Design & Photography via photopin cc
I would have never even thought that I might write a post about exercise, because I 'm a self-proclaimed couch potatoe and in my opinion women are not made for running around (hunting) outdoors like our men. We are the slowly-walking-while-picking-berries-and-collecting-fire-wood kind of sex. What I really mean: Sports is not part of my (female) nature, rather gentle exercise that does not get me sweat.

But one thing is not to be denied: today we all move too little, especially in the dark winter months when nothing can draw us outside. But we need to stay in motion not only for our body but especially for our brains! Without exercise not only our bodies slow down but also our mind.

Therefore, here are five tips to exercise on the go: without a gym, without spending money, without great loss of time - just right for working moms and dads :- )

1. Drive the bike. Well this is old hat: Simply take the bike instead of driving by car. I bring the kids as often as possible by bicycle to school. So I have a 40 minutes cycling workout nearly every day, especially since I have 30kg in the trailer rolling behind me...

2. If you like Youtube videos, do squats while watching. I got this idea from Freelee and I find it great! I have already done it a few times. Also works when your watching your favorite tv series...

3. Buy yourself a jump rope! We did this a few days ago and it's so much fun. Right now when I sit at the computer and write a lot, I can get up in between times just to make a few exercises and my circulation is back in full swing! We bought a jump rope without handles, so it can also be used by the children although it is three meters long... By the way, there are lots of short jump rope workouts on Youtube.

4. Dancing takes Facebook! This tip comes from my new Youtube heroine Marie Forleo. Her tip: instead of spending ten minutes on Facebook or Twitter, simply turn up the music and start dancing for ten minutes. You can do this several times a day and it is a nice thing to do together with your children.

5. I have trained myself: if I go to another room in my apartment, I throw myself on the floor doing five to ten push-ups. This exercise is super fast, you can turn this into a habit with relative ease and the very next day you'll feel it, believe me!

So much for my ideas, how you can bring your body into motion. The first step is to be aware that almost anywhere and at any time you have the opportunity to move yourself, if you integrate those exercises into your everyday life without needing special sport clothes or expensive equipment. Now it's up to you :-) Have fun!

Photo credit: Adrian Fallace Design & Photography via photopin cc

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