Monday 16 February 2015

Change your life with 30-day challenges

30 Day Challenge (made with Canva)
I'm working to improve my life - to become the best version of myself - and that's fun, but I have too many ideas and concepts that I would prefer to implement all at once. The result is that I try things out for one or two days, but then I can not integrate them permanently into my everyday life.

This should now come to an end. I become a 30-day Challenger!

This is THE new trend: everything, absolutely everything you can plug into a 30-Day Challenge. No matter what it is, what you always wanted to change in your life - try it out - those are still only 30 days! That makes it so exciting and at the same time not so overwhelming. It does not have to be forever! If you do not like it, leave it.

I'm going to go about it in any case. This period will help me to get used to a certain thing, such as getting up early, in a way that it is no longer a problem for me after these 30 days (or I might give it up because it simply does not work for me.)

I would like to share these challenges with you - why else should I be a blogger :- ) . This automatically increases the pressure for me to endure the matter and I will tell you from my successes and failures.
Here you will find a short, inspiring video about 30-day challenges and what they can do for you.

To get started, I want to introduce my favorite challenges to you:

Jayme from Simply Vegan has come up with a special challenge: he made ​​up his mind to do things for 30 days that make him afraid. How he managed this, he tells in this video.

Ok, those are only 21 days, but the same principle: in January Kristina animated her fans to participate in a 21-day raw food challenge. She herself has been living this way for more than eight years and she feels so wonderful! For this challenge, there is a Meal-Plan and a shopping planer and every day a motivational video by Kristina on Youtube. So if you fancy a raw food adventure with as many delicious fruits as you can, give it a try!

An interesting negative example that surely many of you know: Super Size Me This movie shows what happened when Morgan Spurlock ate for 30 days nothing but McDonald's food. And when he was asked if he would like the meal as an extra large serving, he had to accept that. Hence the title of the film... A really interesting documentary, mainly because it shows how quickly this kind of food makes us very sick! Even before the 30 days ended the attending physician advised Spurlock strongly to abort the experiment because it started threatening his life!

The Vegan Challenge: Here you can start such a challenge (no costs). If you like, try it out: those are only 30 days : -)

The mom of Nicole (Banana TV) did a 30-day high-carb low-fat challenge. You can watch the videos here. This is a beautiful video series, with great results, showing that each everyday person is able to live this life-style : -)

Of course 30-day challenges are not just about food. But I'm so much interested in the topic of vegan diets that I particularly love these challenges and success stories.

What would you like to change in your life? Would that be a topic for a 30-Day Challenge? Do you have ideas for exciting challenges? I 'm still thinking about with what I 'm going to start. Stay tuned and I'll tell you.

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