Wednesday 25 March 2015

Thinking about my blood levels

I admit it - my blood values are boring. Nothing exciting to see... Thankfully! I did not want anything exciting to be found in my blood ...

My better half and I, we have been living vegan for some time now, at least 90% of the time (if we are with friends we sometimes let our resolutions slip) and therefore we have decided to regularly check our blood.

I would honestly have thought that I have worse blood levels, simply because I'm really not the perfect vegan, even though I write a lot about healthy diets. When I work, there are times I just skip meals, because I'm in the writing flow. When the children are home, I fail to eat, because I am shooed around from these little tyrants. In general it would not surprise me if I soon look like how many people imagine a typical vegan: emaciated!

And of course that is fatal to the vegan cause! When I get sick, people will immediately say: I knew that vegan food is unhealthy! If I stay healthy, it's just luck. If someone is sick eating meat, it is not caused by diet!

As representative of the vegan lifestyle I have a great responsibility. And especially as mother and wife - I have to take better care of myself! But this is not the first time that I am writing about it ... it is just plugged deep inside of me to think of others first - so it happens that in the morning the children leave the house well packed and dressed and I am neither wearing gloves nor a hat although it is bloody cold...

In a perfect world I would have a perfectly tidy apartment, always perfectly plucked eyebrows, a great body, always fresh fruit and vegetables at home, published ten books already and a Top 25 blog, but when I think of it, I have something perfect: a wonderful family! Maybe that is why I tend to forget myself, because I love my children and my husband so much!

Who says women are not torn between budget, career, family, and self-realization, cannot  be a woman :-). I'm sure for men it is not any better - I see it in my husband. I do not believe in the battle of the sexes! On the contrary - we as a family are just so incredibly happy (despite permanent exhaustion) because we are a team - a really good team! Funny how an article about my blood levels turns to be a declaration of love for my husband suddenly :-). I know I owe him a lot.

What I am really getting at: even if my blood test results would not have been right, that would not be a big deal - vegan life is a process, a learning process as it is life itself. I would have to readjust some things. So what! We should not pressure ourselves too much. We want to be the perfect parents (acting relaxed in any situation), we want to have great careers and still show off a top work-life balance and, of course, be even more sporty and handsome and always in a good mood, have a lot of friends, be popular ...

But what is the answer to these pressures? Take a deep breath? Meditation? Sport? A therapy? No Idea. That's why I am writing this blog in the first place. I'm looking for the best version of myself. Not because I can't stand the way I am, but because I love myself and I want to do something good for me. So I check my bloodlevels once a year, not to control myself or to prove that a vegan diet is healthy but because I have started to lookout for myself.

Our life is so precious and I do not want to waste it anymore! The journey is the reward. It is true! It's up to me if my way is fun, full of new ideas and experiences, or a single drudgery with constant self-reproach. So what? I'm not perfect and sometimes overwhelmed but I have already come far. I turned my passion into a career: discover, try, philosophize and tell other people. It's fun and it makes me happy and I know for sure that I am on the right track - says my blood count :-).


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