Thursday 5 February 2015

How I use my morning routine to boost my productivity

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I have read and heard repeatedly that successful people have developed a good morning routine (for example, Tim Ferriss). This does not refer to the activities in the bathroom or at breakfast, but the fact that these people start their day by doing something for themselves in peace before they dedicate themselves to the outside world.

It's not that easy for me with the morning routine, because this is heavily dependent on the fact that I have three children that have to get a proper breakfast and must be out of the house at a certain time. Fortunately, my husband can care about himself alone:-)

Now I had a new idea (actually a common recommendation). How about if I just get up earlier? Imagine that you have already reached the most important goals of the day before the kids are even out of the house?

Every morning I need about an hour for myself. Therefore I have to get up at five a.m. Only then I can prepare breakfast, make sandwiches for school, clean and trim down the stuff of the children and would still have some time left for myself before I have to wake up the little ones.

But how do I use the hour that is available to me? What is the meaning of a morning routine? Marie Forleo for example meditates, takes time for her husband and her dog, drinks a green juice and makes some sports.

What would I like to do most? I would get up, go to the bath room, brush my teeth etc. all those things without haste (that's luxury!.) I could make a few exercises with skipping rope and meditate (5 minutes each day would be enough for a start). I could slowly drink the first quart of water and prepare my morning smoothie, write a to-do list, and I'd already have done the one thing that is on top of my to do list, before the kids even wake up... Ha, ha, ha! Wouldn't that be great?

Why I think about implementing work in my morning routine? I tend to be impatient in the morning when the kids aren't getting out of the house fast enough. I'm constantly thinking about everything I have to do today. If I have, however, already been working, I can have a much more relaxed start to the day with my children and, incidentally, the early morning is the best time to write - the head is clear and the creativity is in full swing...

I've done this a few times , getting up at five, and it actually feels very good. I start in a good mood for the day. The catch: I must go to bed early the night before! It is not that easy, because I enjoy the time when the kids are in bed and we have adult time - I like to spend a child-free time with my husband talking about our day...

That's why I modified the nightly routine for my morning routine. Clever huh? I get the children to bed at 8 p.m. by the latest. Then I have an hour to relax and still get to sleep for cozy eight hours. :-) I admit it, that does not always work, especially getting up is difficult for me. But I will definitely continue to expand this concept, even if from time to time to I have to fight my inner demon.

I'm sure the key is consistency: every morning (and evening), the same processes. Then it will no longer be difficult for me to get up in the morning - this of course means that I have to get up early on weekends (horror!). But it's worth it. Soooo much time and peace of mind for me and my (accumulated) creativity?

What is your morning routine? Do you have any?

PS: If you believe that getting up at five clock in the morning is too early, then have a look at the morning routine of these people: Dalai Lama, Robert Iger (Disney CEO) Jack Lalanne or (former fitness guru).

Photo credit: mendhak via photopin cc

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