Saturday 27 December 2014

How to get rid of stuff after Christmas...

Great Grandpa & Grandma T. via (Creative Commons 2.0)
Santa has struck again! The children got sooo many gifts this year. Today we returned from our annual odyssey to parents and in-laws with a sack full of gifts. Already it is getting more tightly in our apartment and the Christmas decorations, as sparse as they were this year, have to get back into their box!

This is the perfect time to re-establish order. This calms me down and it is a great start into the New Year. My husband is going to ski with the girls tomorrow and and I can use all day together with my youngest to regain freedom :-).

I will go through the children's toys and see what is no longer age appropriate and I will also check the clothes of the children. Everything else that somehow does not fit into our apartment anymore has to go - sounds almost like a spring cleaning, it is. I need room for new ideas.

But what to do with the old stuff and the unwanted gifts? I think the Share & Care groups on Facebook are not bad. I just post a photo of the things I don't need anymore and very quickly people who would be interested answer and pick the stuff up themselves.

If you want to get rid of food, I can only recommend the Foodsharing page: Maybe you have something like that in your area, too? Motto: "Part foods instead of throwing them away." Maybe this is the way to reduce the children's five kilograms of candy to one ;-).

When it comes to clothing, better ask first among your friends to see if someone likes your stuff or you could use a site like dig 'n' swap. You do not have to make it to complicated: let people pick up the clothes from your home, so you do not have to worry about packing and sending them.

Another way to get rid of things are social department stores and you can also ask in appropriate social institutions: who often are totally happy if they get something for free (of course, it should still be usable!). Here in Dresden-Neustadt you can put a box of household items in front of your door. Then people walking by simply pick them up...

Are you like me? Do you also take the opportunity to get rid of old stuff while bringing home the new Christmas presents?

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