Friday 12 December 2014

Beware! Fur!

AndyMcLemore via photopin cc
I'd like to discuss a serious subject with you today: Fur! 
Now you will think: What does she want from me? If I buy products with fur, then definetly only with fake fur. But that's the point: even fake fur could be real fur! But most people do not know.

Real fur does not have to be declared (in Germany) and often real fur (from dogs and cats from China) is cheaper than well-made fake fur - this can be the case even with pompoms from hats or smaller fur parts on shoes or jacket collars, despite an EU ban on imports of 2009. 

Often, the sellers in stores have no idea of ​​this issue, and even if the nametags in the garments sign 100 % polyester or even fake fur this is by no means a guarantee! This video explains to you how real fur can be distinguished from fake fur:

Pay attention to the structure of the hair: is it all the same length (fake) or different lengths. If the hair falls in the same direction (fake) or not. Do you find leather under the hair (real fur) or fabric (fake). You can also make a test with a lighter (please, not in a store!): Does it smell like human hair was burned it is real fur, does it smell like charred plastic it is synthetic hair.

Also rabbit fur is used for fur products!

Do the animals a favor and avoid products with fur. This is how you play it safe.

Photo credit: AndyMcLemore via photopin cc (cat and dog); gehat via photopin cc (rabbit)

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