Wednesday 19 November 2014

Laundry armageddon!

Today a very mundane topic: laundry. But some things have to be said!

I really do not like it but with three small children I have to do it quite often: do the laundry, hang, remove and clear away. Somehow every day! Yuk! I wish I could snap my fingers and the issue would resolve itself.

In a household survival book I read, it is recommended to adopt the good old laundry day again. You do all your laundry in one day which gives you the rest of the week laundry free. Great! In times of washing machine and dryer theoretically no problem. But I cannot get behind with drying, especially now that it's cold outside again. We bought a washing machine with integrated dryer but I use it quite rarely due to the environmental issues, because I'm stingy and because it takes too long. While my dryer dries I cannot wash the next laundry.

However, I do not give up and in 2 to 3 days I wash all my laundry. This requires an elaborate plan if you only have space for one drying rack.

An alternative method I tried: washing a load of laundry a day and no more. There is just one problem: I have to hang laundry, remove and put it away every day. All the time, I have this little man in my head whispering: You need to do the laundry! You need to do the laundry! Indeed, it is quite annoying when I want to dress the children and have to look for clothes in the basket or on the drying rack first.

What is the problem with doing the laundry? Is it because I have to do it? Is it beneath my dignity? I have enough other things to do! That is the main problem: I simply do not have the time for "lower" house work. Nevertheless, it can be quite satisfying to put the neatly folded clothes into a clear cabinet. It plays a crucial role whether the childs' wardrobe is overflowing or minimalist decor... I regularly go through my childrens' clothes and sort out old, too small and ugly parts. As few things as possible is my motto. Nevertheless, I still have an emergency box if I have disposed to much of the clothes. :-)

How to save laundry? Do not let it get dirty. Not that easy with the kids. People can see from far that I am a mother: snot on my sweater and adhesive finger remains on my trousers are clear evidence. And the children look even worse at the end of the day. Still, I got used to check my childrens' clothes every night whether they could wear them a second time without washing them.

In any case, I'll introduce my children as early as possible to the mysteries of doing the laundry. Thus, all the work does not always stay attached to me. The kiddies can already sort the dirty clothes into the appropriate baskets, help when hanging and removing the wash, and they can even fold their clothes and put them into their closets (which I have prepared especially for that purpose). I only have to sort their clothes into boxes for every family member and they'll do the rest themselves...

In my imagination everything works great already. In practise, however, there is still pure laundry chaos in our home. What the heck! I take a deep breath and start again - every day :-).
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