Tuesday 11 November 2014

Eating in the garden: daisies, dandelions and more

Hello everyone, recently I fed our neighbors' rabbits and picked them a few daisies and dandelion leaves from our garden and I thought to myself: why don't I pick a few for myself.

No sooner said than done: I then threw a handful of these herbs into my morning banana smoothie. Actually, dandelion is quite bitter but with all those sweet bananas I could not taste any bitterness.

I've read a lot about how healthy these "weeds" are and I still feel weird picking and trying them. My eldest daugther isn't shy about eating them: this summer she wrapped blackberries with dandelions and tied the whole thing with a daisy. Very innovative, very tasty!

Us adults are more reserved: probably our parents ranted as soon as we tried putting a leaf from the gras into our mouths. But there are incredibly many nutrients in daisies and dandelions.

They are just no crops. We are so used to buying groceries at the store that we forget what nature has to offer us unpacked :-).

Photo credit: A Guy Taking Pictures via photopin cc (daisy); tillwe via photopin cc (dandelion)

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