Thursday 4 September 2014

Why eating the right food is so important to me...

As a mother of three people might think that I had more important things to do than constantly thinking about food. But that is exactly the point: I am a working mum married to a lovely workaholic. I am constantly reaching my limits, although I am only 34 years old. Every week I get head aches and very often I wake up being depressed. Way too often, my wonderful children have to deal with me being a mess.  Ich sto├če ziemlich oft an meine Grenzen, dabei bin ich gerade mal 34 Jahre alt. I don't want this anymore!

When my eldest daughter was born, I started reading about vegan food intensively. Foremost because of ethical reasons. All animals are like little children to me - innocent! And we do unspeakable things to them every day, every minute just for the sake of eating!

Vegan food is not only the best you can do for all animals and the ressources of our planet. Vegan food is absolutely healthy, because dairy, meat and eggs are unbelievably unhealthy.

If you do not believe me, take your time to watch this video of Dr. Greger who is explaining why a plant-based diet is much healthier as scientific studies show.

I could just turn to unhealthy vegan food like vegan fast food or vegan bakery or icecream (yummy - there happens to be a nice vegan cafe just around the corner here in Dresden). Then I still would be an unfit mum. But I want Power, Energy and Happiness and maybe a nice figure, too :-)

That is how I found Freelee und Durianrider with their RawTill4-Program promoting a High Carb Low Fat vegan Lifestyle where you won't have to restrict your caloric intake. I watch Freelees Youtube shows daily! It is not only them, there are other experts following this livestyle: Dr. Caldwell EsselstynDr. John McDougall oder Doug Graham.

This livestyle (HCLF) is the best that could happen to me: I have been suffering from bad moods and head aches for such a long time and now I found that this ethically correct diet is the key for my new found strength. Eating as many carbs and the least amount of fat possible, makes me feel great. Of course I have a long way to go, especially integrating this diet into my mummyhood and socially I still have some fights to fight. But it is definetly worth it to walk this way.

You should try this, too! It won't cost you anything but a try. If you have any questions, I am happy to help. :-)

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