Sunday 7 September 2014

Is being a healthy vegan complicated?

I just watched a vid from the plant based athlete and I have to say: he is right. We often make this livestyle "thriving on a whole food plant based diet" complicated but it shouldn't be.
In the end of the day the most important things are staying vegan, eating whole foods and most importantly eating enough. I think this is my biggest mistake so far: not eating enough and not eating before (!) I am hungry, because I am distracted by the kids, and that is when I use to fall of the waggon. I tend to make a lot of meal plans for myself. But they get to complicated for me and I get frustrated when I fail.

The plant based athlete helps me a lot with this simplicity. He showed me a simple meal plan that I can relate to ...

...and he tells me that there is nothing complicated about this livestyle.

This is the motivation I need. Maybe it helps you, too :-).

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