Monday 27 October 2014

Oh no!

Hello everyone, I would like to write more honest and also report my failures. As you can learn from mistakes I want to share mine with you.
Today I failed again :-).

I bought cookies for my kids because visit was announced for the afternoon ... What happened? I could not get the cookies out of my head. I  worked a lot and did not eat during the day and in the early afternoon could not hold onto myself anymore: I binged and ate them all! And now I feel sick :-). Instead of healthy, vegan food making me happy and fit, I have inveigled this garbage that caused me nausea. Stuff that I wanted to serve my children.

And now! How do I deal with it? As follows:
  1. Do not make such a fuss. It is not so bad. No big deal. So what!? Worse things happen...
  2. Never buy stuff you do not want to eat yourself, most certainly not for your children!
  3. Think about alternatives: instead of cookies I got apples, grapes and as an extra soy vanilla yoghurt. If I had eaten those, it would not have been as bad :-).
  4. Do it better next time. Don't give up on the healthy diet and don't pick on yourself. In the end, you are what you are: human.
  5. Think rationally how this could have happened: I once again was absolutely in stress and just did not eat. I was starving. So, in the end, my body outsmarted my mind: he wanted calories, it did not matter whether healthy or not. Ergo: Take your time to eat and plan better!
Phew! This had to be said. Now I am feeling better :-).

Do you know these moments, too? Being sabotaged by yourself? I can think of related topics like giving up smoking, drinking, getting up early or not being layz...

Photo credit: nettsu via photopin cc

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